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I want all these young people to be getting a higher education, and I don’t want them loaded up with tens of thousands of dollars of debt just to get an education. That’s how we make America great.

Of course, that means all of you all have got to hit the books. I’m just saying. Don’t cheer and then you didn’t do your homework.

Because that’s part of the bargain, that’s part of the bargain—America says we will give you opportunity, but you’ve got to earn your success.

You’re competing against young people in Beijing and Bangalore. They’re not hanging out. They’re not playing video games. They’re not watching “Real Housewives.” I’m just saying. It’s a two-way street. You’ve got to earn success.

That wasn’t in my prepared remarks. But I’m just saying.

President Obama, keeping it real (via barackobama)

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